Divorce Decree, Copy of Judgment

Obtain Divorce Decree, Copy of Judgment

We are a network of licensed, bonded, insured, certified, background screened professionals providing assistance to procure an original recent certified divorce decree, copy of judgment. It does not matter where you currently reside. We are able to obtain certified divorce decree, copy of judgment from most states, and family courts within the continental United States.

Please note we can only obtain records that are on file with the state, city, county or country authorities. We are unable to assist you with any changes or amendments to recorded documents on file.

Step by step guide.

Step 1: Please provide us with complete details for whom you want to order the divorce decree, certified copy of Judgment. The information we need includes both married parties’ First Name, Middle Name, Last Name at birth, your relationship to the married persons, date of divorce, and place of divorce that includes city, state, and county. We will also send you a special power of attorney form duly filled in that you need to sign, and notarize locally where ever you are at. If you have an existing old divorce decree, photocopy of Judgment, please fax it to us.

Step 2: Upon receipt of all the above information, we will procure the divorce decree, certified copy of Judgment apprising you of the progress, and if any other information needed.

Step 3: It usually takes about 4-5 business days to procure the divorce decree, certified copy of Judgment from the time we receive your application. Upon completion, we will mail back all the documents to your specified address.

We strive to make it easy for you to obtain your important documents like divorce decree, and Judgment no matter what purpose you need them for. In most cases, we realize time is of the essence. To enable you to overcome your legal documentation obstacles in an efficient and timely manner is our sole purpose of existence. That, in fact is also our primary mission!