Live Scan Fingerprints

Live Scan Fingerprints $25.00

We provide live scan fingerprinting which is essentially digital fingerprinting using computer. These are generally used for License, Certification, Permit, Employment, Background check, Volunteer and related purposes.

Our live scan fingerprinting rolling fees is $25.00 per applicant. DOJ / FBI fees are extra, determined at the time of service based on the level of service specified in your applicant live scan request form. If you have a billing account # provided in the form, you do not have to pay DOJ / FBI fees. We accept payments by Cash, Credit Cards, Paypal.

We can also offer Mobile Live Scan FingerPrinting services at a place / location of your convenience. Call us for more details. Please bring a valid state/government issued ID, Driver's License, Passport.

You are required to bring a complete Applicant Live Scan Request form at the time of service. In some cases, 2 or 3 copies of the same form may be needed. Please bring 3 copies of the request form. We do not charge anything for making copies of live scan request forms at our office if you need.

We suggest, if you come in groups of 2 or more, please call us in advance and give us a heads-up. This way, we can plan accordingly to minimize any wait time on you. In general, there is no waiting time in our office for live scan fingerprinting service. We have three dedicated technicians at your service throughout office hours. The complete live scan fingerprint process in our office takes only about 10 minutes.

Please note, only U.S. Department of State certified Fingerprint professionals, and designated locations are legally allowed to do live scan fingerprints.