Paralegal (service temporarily on hold)

We have a licensed, and certified full time paralegal in our office to serve your paralegal needs that include but not limited to legal research, case filings, legal document preparation, investigative research, agent for service of process, oaths and affirmation etc.

Legal Document Preparation: Estate Plan that includes Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney

Everybody needs a will, not just the rich, sick, or old. Estate planning allows you to transfer assets as you wish. You can also include in it a plan for taking care of essential obligations and affairs in case of disability, and critical personal medical choices you may not be able to make for yourself later. When constructing a will, a person legally defines and declares how their property will be distributed upon their death. If you die without a will the state will distribute your property according to state laws.

Fees are normally based on the assignment. As paralegal, we are required to be managed for our work by licensed Attorneys.