Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Is the birth, marriage certificates that we obtain certified? Can it be used for any purpose including Apostille, Passport, Immigration, Adoption etc.?

Answer:  Yes, all certificates that we obtain are recent certified. The birth, marriage certificates we obtain are 100% certified certificates issued by the appropriate government agency for the state where you were born, or married.  These certificates can be used for ANYTHING that requires a birth, marriage certificate.

Question 2: I am not sure if the medical facility I was born still exists in the city and country I was born. Can you still help obtain birth certificate in such situation?

Answer: Whenever someone is born, the medical facility notifies the state office of your birth and it is recorded usually within 1-2 weeks after your birth which means we can get your birth certificate for you.

Question 3:  How soon can you get birth, marriage certificates if I need it for an emergency?

Answer:  Different states, and government agencies work differently.  When emergency service is needed please call us so we can go over the procedure and exact processing time for each case. Tell us how soon you need the documents, and we will try our best.

Question 4:  If my child is a minor not having valid Identification, what are my options?

Answer:  If applying for a minor please make a copy of one of the parents drivers license or passport.

Question 5: What happens when my certified birth, marriage certificate is delivered to me and some part of the information is printed incorrectly like my name or father' name or mother's name or place of birth?

Answer: While recording, mistakes do happen. We have no control on how the information is printed on a birth, marriage certificate. When a name is spelled wrong or any information is incorrect it means the county or state has your information printed incorrectly in their records. You will have to contact the county or state to have this information corrected, we cannot do it for you. We can only obtain what is on file with the county or state.

Question 6:  What if I do not have a valid identification, or my identification is lost or expired?

Answer:  If a drivers license, passport, or government issued identification copy is needed and you do not have a valid drivers license, passport, or government issued identification please write a short letter on a separate sheet of paper stating why you do not have a drivers license, passport, or identification and that you need a birth certificate to get a new drivers license.

Question 7:  How do you mail back the certificates? What if I will not be home when the overnight courier delivers my birth, or marriage certificate?

Answer:  We give you different mailing options at the time of accepting your order. Someone must be at the address to sign for the birth, marriage certificate when it arrives.  If no one will be at the address, please leave a note taped to your door stating to please leave the package at the door and please sign that note.  If you have to send the certificate to your work address that is fine because someone will be there to sign for it. We can ask the courier to leave it at your doorstep no signature required.

Question 8:  What if the state where my birth took place does not have a record of my birth?

Answer:  If applying for a birth certificate and when we search for the record and no record is found on file then a no record of birth certificate will be issued.  This no record of birth certificate can be used to obtain a passport if needed. You will be charged by the state and our company for a No Record of Birth certificate.

Question 9:  Can you send birth, marriage certificates internationally?

Answer:  We are authorized ship center for FEDEX, DHL, UPS. International shipments is not a problem. Tell us your preference for carrier, and we will process the shipment per your instructions.

Question 10:  When can I send my information to your company?

Answer:  You can fax your information, and requests to us 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our fax number is (408)-739-4440. Alternately, you can send us an email at